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Electrohydraulic Releaser ZHA 185

Producent: Ema-Elfa,Cantoni Group


Operation of the release consists in advance of the piston rod with appropriate force and to specific stroke.
The release finds application mainly in brakes for releasing (opening) shoe and also disk brakes. With built-in spring, it not only releases the brake but also generates braking torque. The release can be used for all applications requiring to-and-fro movement, e.g. to actuate gates and valves, to open and close flaps and doors, to raise and lower barriers and also to move levers and pull-rods.

Version :

Normal (standard) N/1 – for utilization in open air in temperate climate.

Protection rating IP 65.

Ambient temperature:

-25 °C to +40 °C (electro-insulating transformer oil)

-40 °C to +50 °C (silicone oil – DOW CORNING Fluid 200 10 cSt).

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